Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The bug...

...that really isn't a bug.

I wrote yesterday and today.  I had to come up with a fictional movie in my work of fiction.  I named it the Metroplex of Doom.  I kind of wish it were a real movie.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The desert...

...and the itch!

I hate winter.  I actually dig the cooler weather.  I miss the snow here in Kansas, though when it does snow I miss having a dry driveway.  The thing that I hate about winter is the mental miasma I hit every winter.  There is a refreshing newness each spring which at some point begins to thaw my thoughts.  I begin to have hope and ideas renewed.

If I could bottle it I would, but of course if rainbows were just unicorns farting then we would see more single horned horses.

I want to write, yet I waste my time looking for some new toy, playing some stupid game, or mentally strangling some nuisance.  There are lots of ideas streaming through my head at any given moment but fear holds me back.  As I write this I want to delete it because it seems dull and uninteresting but I am thinking I need to post it just to get out of the rut of not writing.

I want to set goals to write and finish some stories, but I suck at goals and then I get distracted and it doesn't happen I feel bad and wished it was physically possible to kick my own butt.  So what do I do? How do I self-motivate when the voice of fear and procrastination scream louder than both my daughters combined?

I'll let you know when I finally figure out a way to scratch that itch....