Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take a bite out of this...

I had an actual teeth checkup on monday.  Its the first real one (if you don't count the one a couple weeks ago that only checked two of my teeth) since third grade.  The dental assistant was pretty surprised by this and combine that with my poor personal oral hygiene, I was expecting all my teeth to be riddled with holes, falling apart and rotting away.

After sitting and waiting for a while dreading the worst, the dentist finally came back in and after poking at my teeth with something metal to make sure there was no pain, he simply stated my teeth were great except for some tartar build up.  So I get to go back in a month to have them thoroughly cleaned (I'm hoping the tartar isn't what is holding my teeth together).  I'm thinking, however, that my dentist is trying to milk my insurance by having me come back multiple times for short periods.

Well, I was thinking that I should probably be more diligent with my brushing.  I discussed the matter with DaNae and realized that I hate the flavor of toothpaste.  It leaves an after taste that lasts for hours and I've never liked it. So I thought that if they had cheeseburger flavored toothpaste I would probably brush like four or five times a day.  And then I saw this:

Bacon Toothpaste

and I thought, its not cheeseburger flavored but its the next best thing...I might have to splurge someday.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just reached 30 thousand words in one of stories.  Yep 30,000 words written.  I wish I had a dollar for each one of them. Maybe someday. 

I looked up novel lengths the other day and I was way off.  I was thinking 150,000 words, but it turns out that most publishers consider a book over 50,000 words to be a novel .  I'm 3/5's the way there.  Of course, I'm not quite half done with the story if you look at my initial outline.  Actually my outline isn't helping me much other than reminding me of the ideas I had for the story.  I originally had what was happening right now happen two chapters ago and then the story took a detour, it'll probably take some more. 

I'm actually feeling more and more hopeful about the whole thing.  I've been averaging over a thousand words a day.  and at this rate this book should be done by the end of march and then I'll have to decide to right the next one in the series or continue one of the stories I've already started, or start another one that has been burning a hole in my brain.

woot woot! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

follow up...

In case you missed it, I challenged myself:

I officially have 11 days left and I'm sitting here at 11:30am watching a movie on netflix with my wife.  This has been the common theme of my life for the last week or more, well maybe not watching movies at 11:30am but I haven't been abstaining from the tech/media influences until 5pm.

At first I was down on myself, but I realized that the heart of my goal, was to quit doing one thing so I could have more time for something else.  I wanted to write more.  And well I've written more.  One of my stories that I started couples years ago, that has been brewing in my brain for over 7 years, sat around 20k words for two years now.  After this last week and the little bit I did the week before, its up to 30k words.  I tapped out 7k words last monday through friday.  Thats an average of 1k a day and if I did that everyweek I could have two full length novels done by years end.  So for the new month resolution I'm shooting for 1k a day.   Weekends and days homes are the hardest with distractions and chores, but I have made a small change already, and now I'm ready to make another small change that will hopefully make a big difference in the future.

I have another goal set for the beginning of March already, and hopefully the weather cooperates.